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ZCO delivers highly customised solutions for any demanding brand. Our experience and relentless approach makes sure we harness the full capacity of technology.

Many of our customers believed this was impossible until we delivered.

Our services

Web design

Our passion is to create inspiring and easy to use web solution. Who said it cannot look pretty whilst being easy to use?


Perfect code is every developers goal. Having to fix issues that shouldn't been there in the first place is just boring. This is why we use automated QA tools ensuring that no faulty code reaches the production environments.

Digital footprint

Having relevant content is key - it elevates your SEO and inspire your customers. Our technology supports modern SEO strategies and we help you ensuring you are using the best practices allowing better ranking on Google.

Support + Hosting

We monitor your website so you don't have to. You can message us on whichever platform is best for you and we're always happy to answer any questions.

Don't put all your eggs in the same basket

Headless means that frontend and backend are separate and communicates via an API. This means that you can keep one and replace the other. A classic "Don't put all your eggs in the same basket" approach. A proper headless should be easy to adapt to a new backend and vice versa.

Our headless follows the standard for PWA's (Progressive Web App) meaning that it works similar to a mobile app. Offline mode and push notifications are just a few of the features we can activate on your new web.

Headless means so much more than the above:

  • A headless solution can handle infinite more traffic as it's not slowing down the backend.
  • A headless solution is much faster to develop on. Modern code, new ways to work.
  • A headless solution is for real mobile first; works like an app in the browser.

Improved customer experience with app functionality

  • Enhanced security protocols for the user.
  • Works even when the user is not connected to internet
  • Optimised for speed by default
  • Send push notifications to your users
  • Everything is indexed by the search engines
  • Cost efficient development
  • Your site is always up to date meaning the user is always on the current version
  • Works on all devices


A modern e-commerce demands a modern backend. Crystallize checks all the boxes:

  • PIM: Handle your products effectively and hassle free.
  • CMS: Maintain rich and inspiring content.
  • Order Processing: Did you know that Crystallize can handle several thousands orders per minute? Ensure that your sales are running smooth regardless of the increased orders.
  • API first: We decided Crystallize was the right fit for us and our clients due to the above. It allows us to quickly develop high quality headless e-commerce sites fitting your high demands.

Read more at Crystallize

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