Headless B2B e-commerce for KS Projekt

Headless B2B e-commerce for KS Projekt

A new and fast B2B headless B2B that is being used by some of the largest Swedish brands such as Preem, Apoteksgruppen, COS Stories etc.


KS Projekt (part of Norcospectra Group) is one of the leading shop fitting companies in Europe.

They design, manufacture and deliver shop fittings to high demand retailers across all categories ensuring a wise sustainable approach.

With retailers operating during most of the hours during the day, they need to support shopping around the clock. Henceforth a B2B serving their clients.

"ZCO as a partner, allows our business to run friction free and allowing us to focus on our core business."

Henrik Janzén
Digitalization and Marketing Manager

The Project

ZCO was asked to look for alternatives to their Adobe Commerce solution. Main reason was the old frontend but also the high license costs for Adobe Commerce.

We decided to build a PWA on top of the Adobe Open Source with several new features that wasn't possible on the Commerce version and old frontend.

The result is a fast and feature rich store. It's main features are allowing for specific client assortment, pricing and checkout experience.

The ROI was paid back in the first year.

+100% faster page loads

The new site is feature rich and scores at the top of Google Pagespeed Insights.

+53% faster Checkout process

Optimised, built right checkout allows for quicker checkouts.

-72% in running costs

Hosting, development costs, bug reports all save huge on the budget.

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