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Norcospectra Group is one of the leading shop fitting companies in the Nordics and Central and Eastern Europe. They sell, manufacture and deliver customer-unique interior concepts. They operate through three wholly owned subsidiaries, in Sweden, Norway and Poland, and have two production facilities in Poland of approximately 40,000 square meters with both metal and wood production.

Norcospectra Group owns Norcospectra and KS Projekt. Norcospectra Group employs approx. 350 people and a turnover of approximately SEK 750 million.

The Project

⁠Previous challenges had been to be able to publish the same content but in 4 different languages. Number of pages and keeping track of them with Magento Pagebuilder turned out to be very time consuming.

ZCO was tasked with implementing a modern CMS tool that can handle many languages while maintaining the site's structure. The goal was for Norcospectra and KS Projekt to be able to publish news quickly, clearly and ensure that SEO gets the focus.

Shortly after launch, we could see that important keywords rank 3-4 positions better, the number of errors in the Search Console has dropped to 0 compared to the previous 20%.

We chose to use Next.js together with HyGraph. The pages will be fast and easy to maintain/enrich.

The sites can be viewed here:

+120% faster site

-15% cost of ownership

+23% improved SEO

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