Future proof commerce

Future proof commerce

New site, new possibilities to style Europe.

Challenge accepted

Sweef encountered a significant challenge when searching for an agency capable of fulfilling their vision for their website. Previous attempts with other agencies fell short in capturing their desired outcome.

Sweef was actually searching for both a new e-commerce platform and a new agency that could deliver such a complex project.

After a brief Proof of Concept with ZCO and the e-commerce platform Crystallize, it was a no brainer for Sweef to move forward.

Complex Pricing Structure

One of the major challenges lay in the intricate pricing structure. Each sofa offered around 15,000 potential combinations, with pricing dependent on various factors such as sofa size, fabric or leather selection, legs, and cut type. Each component's price had to be calculated individually and in real-time, posing a unique obstacle for agencies.

Dynamic Image Integration

Another complexity involved the integration of images from Crystallize's new DAM (Digital Asset Manager). The challenge was to ensure that the displayed images corresponded accurately to the selected sofa configuration. For example, if a customer chose a red fabric, the website needed to showcase images of red sofas for that specific model.

Timeframe and ZCO's Solution

Given the previous unsuccessful attempts, ZCO was entrusted with the task of building the entire project from scratch within a four-month timeframe. ZCO's approach involved providing a fixed price, as they always do, for the project. They dedicated long days and exerted extra effort to meet the launch date while upholding their commitment to delivering quality work.

Overall, despite the complexities and past setbacks, ZCO successfully tackled Sweef's challenging project, delivering an exceptional website that met their expectations and requirements.

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