Headless e-commerce for Kuishi

Headless e-commerce for Kuishi

A new headless e-commerce solution for Kuishi


⁠Kuishi has had a solution on Woocommerce for several years. It has served it's purposed but it was time for something new.

How fast can you move from Woocommerce to Crystallize?

The quick answer (pun intended) is very fast.

The long answer is a bit more nuanced. You need to replicate content as your design changes (if it does) and you need do a proper content strategy and SEO analysis so you aren't missing important URLs.

Why is that? Well, Woocommerce has a tendency to create A LOT of URLs.

"We saw an uptake on both orders and SEO ranking after the first week of launching the new site"

Mark Hopkins
E-Commerce Manager

The Project

A new design was created where focus was to keep the tone from the previous site whilst adding more capabilities of story telling = mixing content⁠ a commerce.

Integrations and setup while developing the new frontend based on the Crystallize boilerplate was next.

Kuishi added three more language which is very impressive to do in such short time.

The result is a quick website that captures the vision from Kuishi.


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